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About The Little Big Fierce Co.

Hello, I'm Rachel, founder, owner, creator and chief doodler at The Little Big Fierce Co. 
Creativity has always been an outlet for me. I create so I can hear myself think and over the years I've tried my hand at many ways of expressing my creativity but always with the focus of sharing a supportive and fierce message. 
Over the years crafting and creating has helped me through some very difficult times, including losing a baby to a TFMR ( hence the butterfly you see in many of my doodles) and periods of post-natal depression. 
The messages of hope, community, acceptance (and a sprinkle of humour) I share in my doodles and designs are the ones that I needed and continue to need to hear myself. They act as a reminder that we are not alone. 
Little Big Doodles are little doodles with a big heart and a big message. 
I hope you love them as much as I do. 
P.S All our prints are printed on recycled card stock and paper and we are doing our bit to reduce wastage by cutting down the paper we include in your package. This means you won't receive a packing slip unless you request it.
You gift message will be written on the reverse of the print.
We are currently using up the last of our cello bags before moving to a eco friendly version. Please bare with us on this.