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22 Miles for TFMR - The Channel Challenge

Between 22nd September and 22nd December, I'll be clocking up 22 miles in the swimming pool to complete the channel challenge to raise awareness of baby loss through termination for medical reasons and raise important funds to support families who have been through the trauma of a TFMR.

Each mile that I swim will be dedicated to a special baby lost to a TFMR and be a tribute to the parents who had to face the toughest of 'choices'. For each mile I swim, I'll be sharing the stories of these much missed babies and their fierce families. So keep your eyes peeled as I progress my way across the channel (metaphorically speaking). 

The first mile is dedicated to our very own tiny girl, Neve. Our girl who we had, but never had in May 2014. Even though her footprints were the tiniest I have ever seen, they left a big mark on our hearts. 



If you'd like to add to my fundraising for ARC - Antenatal Results and Choices you can find the sponsorship page here.