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22 Miles for TFMR - Mile 3 - Archer


Mile 3 of the Channel Challenge is dedicated to the beautiful Archer.

This is Archer's story told by his lovely mummy:

After having 3 normal pregnancies and never having a problem getting pregnant, I was in no way prepared for what was to happen at my 20 week scan. My 12 week scan was good and everything was perfect, my blood tests all came back low risk. We had a 16 week surprise gender scan for my daughter, who was over the moon she was going to be a big sister. Then came the 20 week scan which I went to on my own, as everything seemed to be going well. The sonographer was taking measurements as usual and I was enjoying watching my baby boy. I just saw it as a gender confirmation scan, didn’t expect her to turn around and say there is something wrong with his brain. After saying those words the sonographer said she was sorry but couldn’t say anything else. I was put in the waiting room for the midwife to call me through, I was absolutely distraught. The midwife wouldn’t comment and just gave me an appointment with fetal medicine. At the fetal medicine appt the consultant explained Archer had Ventriculomegaly and his cerebellum was measuring smaller than it should be, he advised the outcome would not be good and to consider a tfmr. My partner and I went home to discuss, what we were going to do. We decided to have investigations carried out, to see if we could get some form of diagnosis and to hope things would miraculously change in the mean time. I had an amniocentesis done and then 3 weeks later an MRI. The results from the amniocentesis all came back normal but the MRI revealed the cerebellum was now virtually non existent. We were advised he would be severely disabled and have no quality of life. The only thing they could put it down to was, that there had either been a blood clot or the vessel that supplied the cerebellum was to narrow. This meant not enough blood supply was getting through and that part of the brain had died. My partner and I then had to make the choice no parent should ever have to make, we chose to suffer so that he did not. Which will be something we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. Archer was born sleeping on the 30th of November 2018 and is forever loved and was very much wanted 💙⭐️


I'm honoured and touched to be able to share the stories of so many loved and missed babies. If you'd like to dedicate a mile of this swim and tell your own baby's story, please do get in touch.

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