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22 Miles for TFMR - Mile 2 - Joshua Stanley


Mile 2 of the Channel Challenge is dedicated to the beautiful Joshua Stanley.

This is his story:

Right from day one I felt there was something unusual about my pregnancy with Joshua. This was my second pregnancy and I carried him completely differently to my first son (Jack aged 5) I’ve suffered with social anxiety and depression for years and constantly tried to convince myself that I was just being negative but never could I settle or allow myself to feel excited. 

Fast forward to 22weeks pregnant and my worst fears had been confirmed. Joshua’s brain had a number of anomalies which we did our best to research. 

I remember being told by the midwife ‘hope for the best but prepare for the worst’ 

After weeks of tests, scans and meetings. I still couldn’t bring myself to make the decision to end my sons life. But at about 26 weeks he appeared to have seizures whilst still growing inside me. I couldn’t even protect him while I was growing him. 

My heart breaks every single day knowing I had to make a choice on my sons life. But I know the only ‘choice’ I got was to decide when he died not if. 

Joshua Stanley you will be loved and missed forever 💙 

Josh’s diagnosis were;

A number of abnormalities involving brain development and function, There appeared to be a large interhemispheric cyst causing substantial compression of the right occipital parietal region along with the dygenesis/agenesis of the corpus callosum and potential schizenephaly.