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Finding Fierce - In Deep Water

I want to begin this piece by telling you that I hate exercise. Perhaps hate is a strong word but I am not a natural exerciser. I'm more of a reluctant exerciser. I know it is good for me but some times that knowledge doesn't override my general apathetic approach to organised exercise.  I love walking outdoors and also cycling for fun but as soon as there is an element of organisation about it. I'm out. I'd rather be sat on the sofa reading a good book. 

I do love a challenge though. Having just stated all of the above, it might surprise you to know that I have completed two half marathons, and several smaller races. All for charity; all because I do love a challenge. 

In more recent times, I have been embracing smaller challenges, trying to find my fierce again in amongst the tornado of motherhood and baby loss. Over the last 4 years sometimes just getting out of bed has been challenge enough but what I have discovered during this time is that exercise really helps my mind. Alongside all the other associated health benefits, the right kind of exercise forces me to  relax and allows me to control my thinking. 

I started with swimming. Just a few lengths in the morning, in a pool, three times a week. And thanks to two lovely friends, I am now signed up to swim a mile, in the Thames, in Henley in July.  I'm really hoping to find my fierce somewhere in that deep water! 

I've always found being beside water calming and therapeutic but I am not sure I will find being in it quite the same. But I do love a challenge, and so I am swimming the Thames at Henley Swim Festival on Saturday 14th July and I'll be raising money for our charity ARC. 

If you'd like to support me by donating to the charity, you can do so on the fundraising page here. 

And if you'd like to read a bit more about why The Little Big Fierce supports ARC you can read our story here.